Jon Armstrong

Oakland Abolishes School Police Department

The Oakland Unified School District abolished its own police force at a school board meeting on Wednesday night, bowing to the wishes of radical left-wing activists and the Black Lives Matter movement. The decision came a day after the Los Angeles Unified School District board could not agree on a similar proposal. It follows nationwide demands from activists, […]Read More

FBI Arrests New York Man For Hoarding Enough Medical Supplies

Federal law enforcement officials arrested a New York man this week for allegedly hoarding enough medical supplies to “outfit an entire hospital” as the U.S. faces a pandemic from the coronavirus, which originated in China. The Department of Justice announced on Monday that the FBI arrested Baruch Feldheim, 43, “for allegedly coughing on FBI agents […]Read More

Donald Trump Extends Coronavirus Guidelines to April 30

President Donald Trump on Sunday said that guidelines for Americans fighting the coronavirus will be extended to April 30. “Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won, that would be the greatest loss of all,” Trump said, acknowledging that his hopeful Easter deadline for loosening restrictions was shattered. The president said […]Read More

South Carolinians Have Spoken

Former Democratic Vice President, Joe Biden, saw his fortunes reverse Saturday night, when he scored a decisive victory in the South Carolina Democratic Presidential Primary. Biden, whom many people considered as being close to elimination from the Democratic race, received 48.4% of the votes (and 35 convention delegates) in the South Carolina Primary. Senator Bernie […]Read More

Democrats Block Bill to Protect Infants Surviving Abortion

Last week, Democrats blocked three bills which would have provided additional protection to the unborn. Two bills were blocked in the Senate and one bill was blocked in the House of Representatives. On Tuesday, the Senate took procedural votes regarding the two bills. In both instances, the bills needed to receive 60 votes on the […]Read More


On Friday afternoon, a panel discussion was taking place on MSNBC. Rev. Al Sharpton was one of the panelists. Nicolle Wallace was the MSNBC host of the panel discussion. The panel discussion was interrupted in order for the network to provide breaking coverage of President Trump departing the White House in order to travel to […]Read More