Clint Eastwood’s Pick For President May Surprise You

 Clint Eastwood’s Pick For President May Surprise You

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood was interviewed by the executive editor of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. On Friday the piece was published as The Weekend Interview in the Wall Street Journal. The interview took a newsworthy twist when the topic of politics came up. Eastwood is supporting Michael Bloomberg.

Say it ain’t so, Clint.

It seems Mr. Eastwood is joining the ranks of other Hollywood movers and shakers in support of Bloomberg. Bloomberg began courting voters in California back in December, focusing on smaller cities and their mayors instead of large cities like Los Angeles. Perhaps Bloomberg appeals to Eastwood as a former mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea. He handily won that election 2,166 votes to 799 and only served one two-year term. He didn’t seek re-election because “You can’t have the same old people in office all the time.” I might suggest that he was ready to get back to his regular day job after a two-year break but maybe that’s just me.

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  • Mr Eastwood you are from now on you are Deadwood to me.

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  • I don’t understand how you can be supporting Bloomberg. His whole style of government and dealing with problems, is to ban something. Any politician who wants to take my form of protection, (AR-15), is planning to control Americans. Hitler did the same thing and the world paid a terrible cost to remove him.

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  • You are getting very old and senile mr.eastwood!…
    Youre too old to think America cares what you think…You,Bernie,Bloombug,Biden… just please go to pasture like a bunch of old horses and make everybody happy..all you are over the hill Grandpa’s that nobody cares about!!
    TRUMP 2020!!!

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